Here are some tips on how you can make your company name one that consumers will remember, and that will eventually bring in business.

1. Lay down the basics first
And by basics, that means knowing your brand identity, your target market, and what your business’ focus is. These have to be foremost in your mind to ensure your company name truly represents you, and not some totally unrelated concept. Without the basics and brainstorming it's almost impossible to find accurate company name ideas.

2. Random is ok, but a dictionary just might help
While jotting down whatever quirky name comes up during brainstorming session sounds like a fun thing to do, it’s not always the most efficient way. Bring out the dictionary and enjoy browsing through unique words and their meanings - one of those just might be the name that fits your brand.

3. Think quirky, not tricky
It’s not about weirdness really, although it may seem like it. Invented names and out-of-this-world words work, but only to a certain extent. Over and above anything, a brand name or company name has to make sense. So aim for a something with a twist, but is still easy to understand, and is not difficult to spell, too.

Keep in mind that you’d want consumers to remember your name for the product or service you’re offering, not because your company name is simply incomprehensible.

4. Consider wordplay
Put one interesting word beside a descriptive one, and you might have the formula for your unique company name. Using alliterations is quite an effective technique, meaning the two words you’ll be using will have a similar sounding first letter or syllable (like Cool Cookies, Jamba Juice, or something like that). Some people even use alternate spelling to make their alliterations unique, like changing a C to a K).

5. Picture it
A good and unique company name is descriptive of your brand, and helps a consumer ‘visualize’ what you have to offer. When formulating a name, make it a point that you imagine what ‘picture it paints’, and that it’s positive, interesting, and true to your brand ideals.